Ian Somers

Analyst, Energy and Geopolitical Risk

Ian Somers supports ITTA’s clients on a broad range of issues concerning the global oil and gas sector and its role in wider energy transition goals. He advises on industry trends and US regulatory developments including onshore and offshore leasing, environmental issues, and energy sector investments that impact future oil and gas production.

His areas of expertise also include the intersection of energy security and geopolitical risk, as well as helping clients understand the impact of US, European, Middle Eastern, and East Asian national security policies on the oil and gas industry.

Prior to joining ITTA, Ian worked as an energy analyst and staff assistant at the Government Relations office of TotalEnergies in Washington, DC. He also spent three years living and working in China.

Ian graduated from Georgetown University in 2019 with a Master of Science in Foreign Service, specializing in global politics and security. He received his BA degree in History from the University of Florida.